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About Roo Apparel

About Roo Apparel Rugby Outfitters LLC

What began with a collection of ideas has grown into a new sports clothing line. Roo was founded in March 2009 by two individuals with the desire to own a label that had affordable prices with the quality and attractiveness that peaks all interests. We pride ourselves on having exceptional customer service that will promote customer loyalty. We specialize in large orders for sports teams, organized events, store orders and school attire. We will however explore opportunities for custom individual orders.

We welcome the opportunity to review our products, services and prices in greater detail. Thank you for taking the time to look at our products! More offerings are available upon your request and new items added frequently. Roo Apparel Rugby Outfitters LLC strongly believes in giving back and we will continue be an active member in the community supporting organized drives to help those in need. We hope to gain your business and make a lasting partnership. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Mission

Roo Apparel Rugby Outfitters LLC's mission is to provide top quality athletic sports apparel with an attractive brand. Our efforts to become the number one brand are carried with diligence, enthusiasm and dedication. Our success will be visual in the growth of customers and clients, exceeding expectations on every level and having the leading designs and creations that individuals want to wear and stores want to carry.

Our Vision

The vision of Roo Apparel Rugby Outfitters LLC is to be worn proudly by men, women and children. The brand will be easily available being showcased in all stores catering to athletics and sporting goods and will also display a prominent online venue for organized sports teams. Roo will be the leader in design and creations followed with hands on customer service and live person interaction.

Roo is a concept and brand development specialist for the sports clothing industry. Copyright 2009 Roo Apparel Rugby Outfitters LLC
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